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at Marangki Kepa Bungalow

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We realised the definition of “holiday” for everyone might be different. Some prefer luxurious treatment, and some others prefer more adventurous experience. Especially for those who want to runaway from the hectic, boring routine, and tired of living inside the shell. Those who want to push themselves a bit further outside the comfort zone and experience the freedom of life without dependency. Personally, I can understand that.

If you ever wondered why some people have more of a compulsion to travel to challenging destinations; places where they are likely to be pushed out of their comfort zones or encouraged to take risks — you might want to read this interesting article about a wanderlust gene. Well said, researchers have repeatedly tried to link such behaviour traits with a gene variant known as DRD4-7R, which is thought to be present in around 20% of the population.

Having said that, stitch it back to the point of why I write this post, because in fact, we want to accommodate such of needs for our guest to stay in bungalow-style cabin in Alor.

These low-key wooden huts with sloping thatched roofs are positioned perfectly for stunning sunrises every morning and incredible ocean views. Marangki Kepa has all its barefoot exotic charms: canopy beds, balconies, as well as an open-air private bathroom. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are included with each night here; meals are homemade by our lovely Bibi (Aunt) with her recipes that include local spices and tastes.

To reserve, you can easily contact us or the details below:

Our dive boat will pick you up in the morning, right after you finish your first cup of coffee. Of course, we can also bring you down underwater to those particular dive sites, which requires more adventures. 🙂

Well, if you like the characters such as Indiana Jones, Marco Polo, Colombus, and even Bilbo Baggins, you should try to stay here in Marangki Kepa.

Ocean-facing Wooden-style Bungalow!

Front Yard of Marangki Kepa Bungalow

Morning bliss

Morning Pick Up by Kanaloa

The Hut of Bungalows

Chillin’ on the hut

Does it touch your desire?

~ Maul, Air Dive Alor’s Partner.

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