Health & Safety Protocols

These are the new standards that we should follow together. By practicing it, we can protect ourselves and care with each other.

  • 01. Washing Station.

    Available in every guest room, office and dining area. A fresh water sink with antiseptic soap.
  • 02. Hand-Sanitiser Alcohol Base.

    It is also available in the dive shop and on the diving boat Kanaloa.
  • 03. Disinfect Surfaces on Every Touchpoint.

    Such as floor, tables, doorknobs, luggage prior arrival, dive gear, scuba tank valve, etc.
  • 04. Cleaned all dive equipment.

    We regularly clean all diving equipment before and after use with the antiseptic liquid.
  • 05. Healthy Crews and Dive Team.

    We make sure all crew members are physically healthy as we always check their body temperature on a daily basis, and we always wear masks in the workplace.
  • 06. Personal Water Bottle.

    We suggest all guests to bring their own personal water bottle which can be refilled for daily use. Alternatively you can borrow from us on the arrival, as it will also be provided. Water refill is available in the room, dining area, and on the diving boat Kanaloa.
  • 07. Safe Kitchen.

    Kitchen and dining area are disinfected daily. Kitchen equipment and utensils are cleaned regularly. Kitchen crews are in healthy condition and mandatory to always use a mask when cooking and serving the foods.
  • 08. Limited Housekeeping Practise.

    To minimise movement in the guest room, no daily room cleaning service, only ask if necessary.

Other Essentials.

Thermo-Gun is available for regular body temperature check. Surgical masks are also available for emergency use only. First Aid Box and Emergency Oxygen are ready to use in the dive shop and on the boat. Call Center and Emergency Contact Numbers are always available in our emergency action plan. We will provide a dedicated Quarantine Chamber if emergency.

Medical Resources & Support.

Doctor, Nurse and Paramedic are equipped by additional resources (e.g. Hazmat Suit) available in Alor Kecil clinic, as well as in Kalabahi General Hospital.

Guests Protocols

Prior To Arrival:

  1. Every guest must declare that she/he is in healthy condition, accompanied by an authorised confirmation letter before arriving at our place.
  2. If you have been tested positive in the past and have experienced pulmonary or respiratory effects, please consult with your physician and don’t dive until you are clear to do so.
  3. We recommend our guests bring their personal health & safety items, such as face masks and medicines, although we have it prepared at our facility.
  4. All of our guests should come from booking enquiry either through Email, Social Platform, WhatsApp or Phone Call. To minimise the risk, we cannot accept Walk-In guests if they do not stay at our facility.

On Arrival:

  1. Practise safe distance upon arrival. No hand-shake, hug and use non-contact greeting and body temperature check using contactless thermo-gun.
  2. Disinfect the luggage with antiseptic spray or alcohol wipe.
  3. Fill the Liability Diving Form and sign an additional Health & Safety statement at the front desk.
  4. We will give you a personalised basket or mesh bag for your diving equipment, unload your belongings and just put it outside your room.
  5. If you need to borrow our dive equipment, please state the item and size on the diving form. Our dive manager will provide & put it inside your personalised basket/mesh bag.

During Your Stay & Dive Trip:

  1. Maintain your hygiene and wash your hands on the regular basis. We provide washing stations and hand-sanitisers everywhere at our place & boat.
  2. Please kindly cover your coughs and sneezes, be responsible for your others.
  3. If you may or may have the symptoms, don’t dive, and immediately please tell the boat crew or our guide.
  4. Please use baby shampoo to defog your mask instead using your spits.
  5. During the dive briefing and buddy check, pay attention to the guide while keeping the safe distance. Check all your equipment, test your regulator by purging it to make it sure it’s clean.
  6. Always remember that we always provide First Aid Box & Emergency Oxygen on the boat for emergency.
  7. Don’t play with someone's air bubbles, if you like to be above someone and swim through their bubbles, please stop and avoid it. Air bubbles may contain viruses and can easily get into your regulators or gears.
  8. Enjoy and appreciate nature as much as possible, feel the breeze and the warm sunrise/sunset, while practicing this protocol for everybody's safety.

Be grateful for our precious life and take care of each other.

Dive with Us