• Abila

    Abila is a biblical name of Syrian origin meaning meadow or grassy plain. However this dive site contradicts its origin with an extensive wall, a beautiful drop off, overhangs, and sandy slopes to the bottom. The entire reef is noisy and healthy with tremendous marine-life, making Abila one of our favourite dive sites. The Electric Clam and Leaf Scorpionfish are common finds on this dive.

  • Biatabang

    Biatabang, found off Ternate Island, is great for those who love diving walls and overhangs. The walls here are covered in colourful soft corals and sponges which attract bigger species like the Napoleon Wrasse and Bumphead Parrotfish to this reef. If you love your macro, stay close to the reef and you might find the Halimeda Ghost Pipefish hiding amongst the soft coral and sea stars.

  • Limarahing Bay

    Located off Pura Island, Limarahing Bay is best known for Rhinopias spotting. If you are lucky, you can find more than four different species here. But don’t get too distracted by this rare find because there are other critters like frogfish always nearby.

  • Ampera

    Meet the weird, wonderful creatures of Alor! Ampera is located inside Alor Bay and one of a dozen macro dive sites. This is muck diving heaven. Pipefish are commonly seen here along with multiple species of nudibranchs. Don’t forget to look inside creatures like the Astropyga radiata (Fire Urchin) because you might just find a zebra crab or a pair of Coleman’s shrimp seeking refuge.

  • Matap

    Descend down the mooring line to a sloping sandy bottom and a small reef to find Weedy Scorpionfish (Rhinopias), Lionfish and Spine Seahorse. As you keep going along you’ll find yourself on a sloping reef littered with soft corals, a common hiding place for the Ornate Ghost Pipefish. If you take Night Dive here, Armina with his hitchhiker will welcome you and the scary Stargazer will be quietly peeking up at you from just under the sand. Dive slow and dive carefully, and you might spot the amazing Basket Sea Star.

  • Kal's Dream

    Known to locals as Batu Mandi, meaning showering stone, Kal’s Dream gets its name from its appearance at low tide when the top of the pinnacle breaks the surface and water rains down its side with each wave. There are two pinnacles to dive and depending on the tide you will start on one and hopefully make it to the other. Currents on this site are unpredictable so this is reserved only for good sea conditions and experienced divers. Sharks and Eagle Rays are often passing by, along with schooling Barracuda and Surgeonfish.

  • Anemone City

    This dive site is nothing like you’ve ever dived before. Anemone City was named because the entire sea floor is covered in all the different types of anemone and with all the different species of anemone fish residing in them. Coral bommies are found scattered on the dive site where you might find a Sea Apple, a somewhat round and colourful species of sea cucumber. But due to its location, larger animals cruise by as well; so don’t forget to skim the blue as Thresher Sharks are known to pass by!

  • Dinding Bama

    When you dive in Alor, you are also diving around Pantar, Ternate, and Pura. Because of the positioning of the islands, and passing currents and tidal changes, the throughflow has amazing effects on marine biodiversity. This wall dive is covered in hard & soft corals, and home to Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse and Napoleon Wrasse. Dinding Bama sits in between Pantar and Pura Islands, funnelling a lot of nutrient rich water through, so don’t forget to look into the blue to catch a glimpse of something big in the right place at the right time. It also known by Don Tupa or Great Wall of Pantar or Symphony No.9.